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I am a historian and writer. I curate a series of articles posted on Extraordinarium (studies and experiences of extraordinary things), and I also have a website about my research.


  1. [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    This is so interesting!! I haven’t had any waking experiences with deceased animals, but my childhood cat, Caesar, appears to me in dreams on occasion (just last week, actually!).

    An online friend, Pixie Campbell, talks about the recent loss of her beloved dog, Morgan in this post:
    And in this post, she talks about the possibility that Morgan was a reincarnation of her previous dog, Blue:

    Both dogs died exactly three years apart from each other.

    • Thanks so much for sharing these links, Kristen! I really think that building some resources for people who have lost pets and have had experiences after they have died are invaluable tools.

      I have also had dreams in which my deceased cat, Mookie, appears – even after all of these years since she died. I miss her and haven’t had a cat since because I’ve moved around so much. Watching videos people post of their cats on YouTube and encountering them wandering about only partly makes up for the companionship.

  2. [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    Christopher, I’m thrilled you’re writing on this subject For 16+ years I’ve devoted my life to researching animal life after death and reincarnation. My Animal Reincarnation book ( being translated into multiple languages) has 120 pages of answers for readers.and has 2 companion books. We offer a Facebook reincarnation group, a Radio show, a live chat room, a pet reincarnation blog and lots more! Come visit us and you and your reader will find lots of information!!

  3. Heather

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    I had a cat that passed away a couple of years ago. I felt guilty because she was a lot sicker than I thought, when the vet rang to say they couldn’t save her, I asked them to keep her alive til I got there. I raced to the vets and was patting her, telling her she could leave, when she passed. When I got two new kittens they’d sleep on the bed then play in the middle of the night so I shut them out of the room. I woke in the middle of the night to a cat walking softly on the bed, and purring gently. Matilda quite often comes and sleeps on my bed, and I occasionally see her around the house. I find this really comforting, she’s forgiven me for failing her.

  4. Denise Moreau

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    Christopher, thank you so much – I’m so glad I found your article. On November 16, 2009 I lost my Dachshund, Bella, to HGE. I was absolutely devastated and ridden with guilt. I just knew I could have saved her, even though the vet told me otherwise. I was sleeping in on a Saturday shortly after her passing and I woke to feeling her walk on the bed. My other dog, Lela, slept on the sofa but at first I thought it was her. Then I felt her fur. So soft. And Bella was quite a bit larger than Lela. She climbed over me (I kept my eyes closed the whole time, disbelieving of what I was feeling, but hopeful all the same) and curled up by my stomach. I literally FELT her! Of course, when I opened my eyes she wasn’t there, but I know she came to see me one last time. I’ve since dreamed about her several times, but I’ve never had this experience again. I do believe she was telling me she was okay. Your article brought me much comfort since it’s hard to tell people you were visited by your deceased pet – I told a couple of people and got really odd looks. At least now I know I’m not alone in this experience.

    • Denise – Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I also kept my eyes closed when I felt my deceased cat come up onto the bed. There was that sense of, “Really? Could it really be?” I had a feeling that I wouldn’t see my cat if I opened my eyes and just enjoyed that moment where her presence was felt. I am happy that this article resonated for you!

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