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About Christopher Laursen

I am a historian and writer. I curate a series of articles posted on Extraordinarium (studies and experiences of extraordinary things), and I also have a website about my research.


  1. Sue

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    This is an excellent article and photographs – gives a great glimpse into the paranormal in Bali

    • Thanks so much, Sue! Gili Meno is just off the coast of Lombok, which although it is the neighbouring island to Bali, it is like a different planet. I will no doubt post more about Bali in the near future.

  2. [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    I agree a wonderful write-up of a very intriguing place. I have had the sensation of being followed before too, and also without alarm. Do we become accustomed to these things when our studies involve seeking them out? Really enjoying the photos and look forward to your next article!

    • Yes, because it’s something I study, I was simply intrigued by the feeling and carried on with my walk. It could be quite a different experience for someone who hasn’t read a lot of literature on ghostly phenomena.

  3. Lisa

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    Christopher, I had a similar experience about 20 years ago on Gili Air, no mushrooms consumed. I was with my husband and blamed the malaria medication for halucinations! We still talk about it, he nearly burnt down the bungalow leaping out of bed to get the people I could see and knocking over the lantern.
    Now we are going back, and I saw your post and had a think about it. We have both been a bit resistant to going back to the island subconsciously, and will stay on the mainland. It was a place steeped in superstition, and fusions of different older religions with Islam.
    Anyway, how funny!

    • Hi Lisa: Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Indeed malaria medication can be nasty. The side effects of the pills versus the chance of getting malaria – which is worst? When I was travelling through a potential malaria zone in 2001, I used a weekly pill called Larium, and whenever I took it, it had negative hallucinatory effects, particularly a feeling that other people were conspiring against me. I read that around 10% of people who use it have such side effects. Once out of the malaria area, I just stopped taking them. It sounds like you and your husband had a pretty strange experience, whether it was the malaria meds or not! I think the Gilis might be quite different than what you would have encountered 20 years ago – a lot of development and now highly accessible to tourists from Bali via a 90-minute fast boat trip. If you feel drawn to explore the islands again, I would highly recommend them. Revisiting a place years later can often help a person come to terms with the anxieties or fears they have from a past experience they had on it.

  4. Eddie

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    my partner and I returned from the Gili’s last week and found that Meno was by far our fav. whilst neither of us experienced any kind of the encounters above we talked about how we thought the abandoned resort came to an end, and funnily enough we both felt there was something particularly eery about the island. would be intrigued to learn more.

  5. Stephanie

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to let you know that the Bounty Bungalows has been abandoned for more than 3 years. My husband and I travelled there in Aug 2008. We came across the Bounty Bungalows while wandering around Gili Meno, and even back then it looked as is if no one had been there for years. I can’t believe you actually went in and took photos, it’s such a creepy place. Yet I was drawn to it. My husband, who is Indonesian, stopped me, and said that I couldn’t go in because there are lots of spirits in there. Still, 4 years on, I’m curious as to what happened. A grand hotel can’t have become in that state overnight.

    • Dear Stephanie: Thanks for your comment – so interesting! I actually just returned to Bali after some intensive research travel on other side of the planet, and I’m delighted to find your comment. I’m thinking of heading back to Gili in the next month or so for some sun and seaside. Perhaps I will find out some more information about the abandoned resort while I’m there. So far, all I know is that the owner died and the place was shut down.

  6. Stephanie

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]


    I found a website you will be interested in. Check out These people have also taken great photographs of abandoned hotels on Gili Meno. Please let me know how your trip to the Gili’s go.


  7. Andy

    [Note from Editor: Comment reprinted from original article posted on]

    Hi Chris,
    Great article, my girlfriend and I just came from Gili Meno this morning (Halloween!!). Last night we walked through the forest past the Bounty. Although it was a full moon the clouds were covering much of the sky at the time and it was pretty spooky but then what derelict hotel in the forest wouldnt be a bit eerie after dark. As for the reasons for its demise, we heard it just shut up shop some time after the Bali bombings in 2002 due to the adverse effects on tourism and the buildings were left to fall into disrepair. Apparently the same owner still owns the land and may be looking to rebuild sometime soon. What I found particularly interesting is that the owner is also apparently the owner of Ku De Ta in Bali along with dozens of high end resorts throughout asia. But thats another story and probably not ghost related.
    As for Jalan Pocong iit would be good to know where about that is – maybe you could mark the locations on google maps and show us? I’ll be very interested to hear where your research leads. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if there were some great stories and peculior spirits on on that enchanting little island. Hopefully future developers will be sensitive and not ruin such a special place.

    • Hi Andy! Thanks so much for sharing more of what you learned about the Bounty. That’s very useful, especially since I plan on going back to the Gilis for a bit of a break and to do a follow-up piece. Ku De Ta is a pretty massive resort in the south of Bali, very well known, so it doesn’t surprise me that the Bounty sprung from the owner’s business interests. I sure do agree with you about overdevelopment; it’s something that unfortunately plagues Bali and from what I’ve heard the residents of Gili Meno have a great deal of control over what develops on their island, so let’s hope that remains sustainable. When I go back, I’ll try out the Google Map idea and pinpoint the location of Jalan Pocong and find out more about locals’ experiences with ghosts.

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